JustNeek: Shy girl looking for Mr. Right!
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Washington, District Of Columbia
46 year old Weiblich, 175cm, Baptistisch
Dunkelhäutig, Schütze
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Über Mich
I am a shy but assertive person, who likes the basic things in life. (and a few luxuries within the budget!) I am a loyal and wonderful friend. My friends report that I am great listener and very honest in responses! I value follow through and honesty in others and provide the same in return. I value and respect friendships and am blessed with many wonderful friends. I am not a judgmental person and take people for who they are. I’m not in the changing business. I admire the uniqueness of each person as that is what makes them the wonderful individual they are. I love quirks! I am looking for someone that can do the same. I’m not quirky, but….. I am a very spiritual person and God is the driving force in my life. Please don’t be intimidated I share the joy of Jesus to help others not to condemn! Being reared by my paternal grandmother I have many characteristics of women of her era, but I am still a modern woman. I am not afraid to let a man be a man. Overall, I am a phenomenal woman. I treat everyone with dignity, respect, and honesty. I am not malicious nor do I have time to play games with people. I expect the same in return. I am a project manager, hang out and friends and a community volunteer all things that keep me very busy, but am interested in meeting people thus I am reaching out!

Please note I love children however I am not interested in having any children. I come from a wonderfully blended family and am open to dating men with children.

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Something simple where we can meet and talk to get to know more about each other.

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