, Married

So I have always had a hard time dating and finding good guys. My friend dared me to try "free" online dating sites so I joined this one. I was NOT going to pay for online dating :). At first I was running into a lot of of zeros guys who only wanted 1 night stands; booty calls; etc. Actually, it was my fiancee Tyler who messaged me. I had my parameters set for a guy with no kids and already finished with school. Tyler did have a kid and was still in school for his bachelors, so make sure you are willing to branch out! :) We had a rocky start but it blossomed into something SO special. He is such a great guy who cares about me so much, and I am SOO glad I met him. We are getting married this october and he proposed to me on my 30th birthday in vegas :). Im still surprised to this day that I found my fiancee online. Thanks POF!!! --Nadia