, Married 5/2016

So I set this up because I was working and coaching lacrosse and never had time to go out and meet people. Kristi was the first girl I had messages on the site and I was super interested because she was a Christian and I was also. Also she had a lot of view and values I wanted in a women. So I messaged her after the first night I gave my number to her. She hesitated and didn't give me or text me until the next day. She asked a ton of questions to make sure I was a Christian and wasn't just putting on a front. So the next day she finally texted me and we hadn't stopped talking all night and day. Then Sunday came around and we decided that she was ready to meet me. But I said we should wait till Monday so we did. As soon as she got out of the car I hugged her and I knew she was the women to was going to marry. After 2 weeks of dating I asked her to officially be my girlfriend and of course she said yes. Then a month later I had told her I was so in love with her. She waiting about a month later to tell me the same thing. Fast forward to December. Since I knew I wanted to marry her I asked her mother for her permission to marry Kristi and she said yes. So I took her to Boston. Took her on a horse and carriage ride and the secretly had her family waiting at the spot where I was going to propose to her and bam it happened and she said yes and now we are going to be getting married in a year. She is my best friend and I wouldn't have met her if it wasn't for POF