, Married 5/2016

Never say Never! We met online. Yep! Something we both thought we would never do and certainly never thought we would meet the person we would decide to spend our lives with there. So, many thank you's to the people at POF.com (Plenty of Fish). There were plenty of fish indeed and somehow, by chance, we found each other. So here's what happened. We both created POF profiles in early 2013. I was living in NYC at the time, so it really was by chance that we met. I had my profile set to only guys in the NYC area and Brandon lived in Maryland but found my picture on the POF log in page! I, Ashley, hadn't logged on in months and was just about ready to delete my account but decided to check my messages one July night (7.28.13). So glad I did that! There was a message from a handsome guy from Maryland, we exchanged messages for the entire night and then decided to chat offline and we haven't missed a day of contact since then. Brandon claims that it was I who asked for his number or something (I don't know about all that)! We soon realized that we had a few mutual friends and that we went to the same high school. I only attended BCC high for a year but I met his sister there way back in 2004! For a year and a half we did the long-distance thing, he popped the question, I moved back to Maryland from NYC and now we are happily inseparable.