Eric & Alisha, Married 6/2015

It all started when I (Eric) messaged my now wife (Alisha). It was a simple message. It read, "You have beautiful eyes! :)" After that, it snowballed into the loving marriage we have today. We decided to meet at her local movie theater for our first date. It was after that date that we had our first kiss. I couldn't see her except for the weekends due to a busy military life, and her cosmetology work schedule. We continued to have dates until things got more serious, and I proposed to Alisha in my barracks room around Christmas of 2014. Six months later, we tied the knot and got married at a beautiful location by the lake in her hometown. A year and six months that, our daughter and first child is born. As I'm typing this, my wife is sitting on the couch with our baby, happy as can be. Thanks to POF, I was able to have the fairy-tale love story that you only hear about nowadays. It's been a crazy ride, but I wouldn't change a single thing.