, Married 9/2018

I messaged Steve first because physically he was my type and after glancing at his profile he seemed like a nice guy. Turns out I got the nicest of them ALL! He has been nothing but a gentleman since the day we met. He drove an hour north to sit on the deck at my cottage and have a few drinks and get to know each other. We ended up sitttig there and talking until 4 am. At one point it even started lightly raining and in the few weeks we chatted before meeting I once told him I loved dancing in the rain. When he felt the rain drops he grabbed my hand and spun me around for a few minutes. It felt like I'd known him for years. Fast forward a year and I moved in with him. Fell more in love, and knew I'd be with him forever. In April of 2017 he got down on one knee and pulled a little box out of his cowboy boot in front of all our friends and family (at his brothers buck and doe!) I was so shocked I'm not even sure if I got the words out or just nodded my head! We've booked our venue and the planning has begun! Words can't describe how excited I am to marry the man of my dreams!