, Married 12/2016

We had our first date at PF Chang's at the Mall of Georgia. I was sitting outside by the concrete horse as she approached. Later she told me she thought I was unattractive as she approached from the parking lot. I am sure glad courtesy kept her walking. She said as she got closer I looked a lot more like I did on my profile page. I think she needed glasses. Either way we made our way inside basically a deserted restaurant. I joked and told her I rented the place out for her. We waited what seemed like forever for our food when finally they started to close the restaurant down and we asked our server where our food was and why we had not received it. We didn't care really it was a great way to pass the rises and falls in conversation. We immediately hit it off. I couldn't help but think about how beautiful she was sitting in front of me and how impossible it was that she could be so right for me in that moment. We didn't want the night to end, we went for ice cream and then to a movie and finally when the night was almost over I walked her to her car and wished her good night and asked her to let me know she got home safely. Then I hugged her and walked away. She was mystified that I hadn't try to kiss her or invite her home. It wasn't long before we went on many more dates and I had decided I could spend the rest of my life with her. I spoke to her father whose first words were have you even seen her mad yet? I said sort of once but we will work it out. He gave his blessing. I found out over the course of our dates that she had been to Disney once as a child and saw a breath taking proposal in front of the castle. So I invited her to go with my family. I got a ring I knew she would love. Once we arrived, the next awkward morning my whole family was walking around while I was being overly unattached making no eye contact nor speaking to anyone that morning. I was so racked with nerves she asked me what was going on and I could tell she had no idea what was about to happen. We walked around the castle towards Cinderella's fountain a quiet beautiful little spot. As we approached it appeared as though there was some construction going on and when we arrived there was a literal wall. I am a very orderly person and this did not sit well. My mind could not think at all. Months of planning basically out the window when my mother noticed there was hardly anyone in the park and that it would be a great shot in front of the castle. So we did more awkward walking with me insisting I am fine. Finally we get there, no line, no people, just photographers when Ashley & I made our way to take a picture. My father whispered to the photographer what was going on. I leaned to Ashley & whispered in her ear in a magical place as this... she interrupted "Austin we are trying to take a picture, Stop it!" I started over a little louder. "In a magical place as this, May I grant your one true wish love of my life will you be my wife." Down on one knee everything clicked together in her mind. She immediately started crying and blushing, screaming, and bouncing and held out her hand among the sobs. I slipped the ring on her finger and the rest was a blur. To the wedding date through family drama and fights as tensions got high we pressed on. The day itself was beautiful and she was more lovely than imaginable. Beneath the mountain, by the waterfall, I recited my vow. Ashley! (my voice sounding a little to much like batman the audience chuckled but it couldn't have been more perfect.) You will be my most precious memory You are my dearest companion & You have the most beautiful heart, When you are weak, I will take your hand, and be your strength When your in pain, I'll caress your face and soothe you, When we battle, I will lay waste to all your enemies, I look forward on our lives, dreams, hopes & desires, knowing we will accomplish. We will let nothing stand in our way. I promise to fight throughout all time for our love. I promise to love you with no finality You have overcome so many trials Henceforth you will never fight alone I promise to be your champion. A great defender of all that is love. I promise to wake up everyday and write our love story in our hearts. With challenges & happy endings never ceasing in this life or the next. I promise you, from this day I will take your heart and endure every trial. I will hold you when you fall and I will be right there for every single win. We will jump into the oblivion that is this life, together and with this commitment I promise to lead you in pursuit of God's love and everyplace He leads us. I commit to God to nurture your being & to protect His temple. together on the heap of ashes that has been our life I will create for us riches in heaven in service to the kingdom. Our love will be as the white hot ignition, of the sun, so bright, it burns for all generations and can be seen across all recesses of space & time. it is with this vow I commit my life to you in service of God & to my princess Snow White, with purity you become Ashley Newman This has been an amazing journey as we approach our first anniversary and we look forward to so many more experiences as we navigate this world together. We cannot thank POF enough for creating the opportunity that otherwise would never have happened.