, Married 11/2019

I met Drew on the POF app. We had been messaging back and forth for about a month until we both finally had the time to go on a date. I was immediately into his beard and his chivalry old school ways. He would say he was immediately attracted to me and knew from the first date that he wanted to see where this went. I was a little harder to convince as I have had to grow a thick skin around my heart and learn to guard it more over the years and countless dates and bad boyfriends. The more and more I got to know this man and he proved himself to be a gentleman who wanted to put my heart first I knew he was the one I had been praying God to send me. I cannot say enough about this man!! He's everything I hoped for and more! He's a veteran so already he's my hero. He's worked his butt off his whole life and takes a lot of pride in his work as a machinist. His love for me, his family, our country, his roots in Washington state, and his work ethic is something he will instill in our future kids. We have been having to do long distance for about a year now as he got offered an amazing job back home in Washington, but we are closer than ever and last week he got down on one knee and proposed on front of Mount St. Helens at one of our favorite spots. We plan on having the wedding in Texas but I will be making the move to Washington this summer to begin our lives together. The wedding planning and finances will be hard on a teachers salary but we will make it work! I'm so proud and happy to call this man mine!! Thank you so much POF! Y'all were the catalyst in me finding the love of my life and helping restore my faith in men being good men! Shea