, Married 1/2018

One amazing night almost 2 years ago. My best friend messaged me. She told me she was new to POF and I was the first person she messaged. She felt compelled to comment on my profile telling me how funny she thought I was. I wrote a line on my profile that I was looking for someone to love me the way Kanye West loves Kanye West. That message sparked 72 hours of continuous texts and phone calls. No joke I could not put my phone down. I was absolutely mesmerized by her she was perfect. I asked her out on a date and as cliche as it sounds. It was love at first site. I knew she was the one. We watched finding dory had dinner and ended up on the waterfront where she witnessed me wrestle a shark to unhook it. The date ended with a magical kiss that ill never forget I couldn't stop thinking about her. She ran through my mind all the time. we became officially a couple three months later. She made me wait, I kept pursuing. She is a catch I'd be crazy not to chase her. A little over a year later after a birthday, she will never forget (backstory, I purposefully waited until late that evening to wish her happy birthday. needless to say she was not amused) I planned a redemption birthday date for October 1st, 2017 in which I propose to Rachel. I recreated our first date. Movie, dinner, and shark fishing included. Only this time the shark was a stuffed body pillow great white that I fastened to a fishing pole and had dangling over the edge. It is here that I proposed to Rachel using another great Kanye West reference as he has been someone we attribute our relationship too. I wrote on a poster that I had hung by the fishing pier that said "Kanye (can you) see yourself with me for the West (rest) of your life. Needless to say, we are now at the end of May and we are happily married! I hooked a keeper!!! We thank you, POF for being there to guide us to one another. We owe our success to you! keep bringing people together. I love you, Rachel, you are my best friend. With God, I pray that we have many more years of happiness.!!