precargo: I've Learned Every L isn't a Loss! Patience is key
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Über Kimberly ☺️
I've learned that you can't convince people of your self worth. Either they see it or they don't and if they can't see it then don't waste too much time waiting for them to see it. I'm an Aquarius so I pride myself on being very independent and self driven. I think I'll appeal to someone who appreciates a self confident, independent, well spoken, intellectual woman. Although I am very opinionated I can be very soft spoken when it comes to certain subjects. I can be shy at first and have my guards up but once I feel comfortable I tend to open up. When I'm in a relationship I'm in it 110% and I give it my all!
I like the simple things in life like walks in the park, kind words and gestures and enjoying nature.

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Hey there, what's up, hey Shawty, or wyd. I also won't respond to users who don't have pics up!

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Laugh, talk, sight see and laugh and talk some more
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I don't respond to people who don't have a profile pic up!!!!

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