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I am a down to earth type of positive person, who tries to live life to the fullest. I can describle my self as real, honest, caring, funny, ambitious, and out going. I am a student at the University of Maryland at University College. Majoring in Human Resource Management, I work in the government full time in a Human Resource office. I have big dreams and aspirations for my future endeavors, career wise and personally, which includes to accomplish goals long term and short. I enjoy hanging out with friends, going places, traveling and just being my self and having a good time. I am looking for someone who is similar with a optimistic demeanor. Additional things about me is I like to cook for family and friends, also I have gotten feed back that I'm a pretty good cook. I enjoy entertaining when I have company over and seeing them have a good time along with my self, I like to make people laugh and see them smile, with jokes or just acting silly. I enjoy intelligent conversations, whether it be related to news, media, political or history etc, viewing each other view points on the subject at hand, I enjoy going out to the moives, clubs, malls, bars, museums, special events, the beach with friends or just getting a way from everything, I like to also go swiming and exercising to keep my self in shape. Also like to watch sports sometimes, basket ball or football, If I had to pick a favorite I would probably say Basketball. When it comes to music, that is something that I really enjoy, because music can fit any mood you might be in for that moment; I like everything, except country. I'm passionate of helping others and seeing family and friends succeed, even if I can help in some way. If I had to choose an influencial person it would have to be my Grandmother, she instilled alot of good morals and beliefs that I still hold true today. I also take my education seriously because I know that is what is going to get me ahead in life to become sucessful. I live on my own and consider my self to be pretty independent. Looking for someone who has their priorities together that I could get to know and enjoy each others company.

I am Multiracial, Hispanic, Black, White and Native American. Enthnicities, Cuban, Italian, Irish, German, English, and Spanish from Spain.

I used to work for the Department of Defense doing a internship, now I work for the Department of Health and Human Services as a Staffing/Recruitment Assistant.

I have a pomperian name Autum, she's a light cream/red color, she's a puppy 8 weeks old at the moment.

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