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The convent, Connecticut
46 year old Weiblich, 170cm, Katholisch
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Über Mich
I'm a 100% wise ass...still in limbo about joining the convent because honestly dating is like a part time job...except you aren't getting paid for it. I'm def not your typical woman...I can be showered...dressed and out the door in 30 minutes...I don't mind getting my hands dirty...and I curse like a man. I will tell it like I see it with 100% honesty...I don't believe bull shitting is a way to start anything...if sarcasm isn't something that turns you on...then I'm not the one. I don't pay much mind to my looks..would rather have someone like the insides more than anything! Still with me? I have a memory like an elephant...hopefully I just don't look like one! I'm not into thirsty men...if you don't know the meaning...please urban dictionary it and find out...I can banter with the best of them. I'm not looking for marriage...I'm looking for a friendship that has the possibility to evolve into more! I may have lost a few of you already. I enjoy the simple things...a walk at a park...a solo cup of wine with a blanket and a beach and good company and I'm good!! Well happy fishing...hope you have good bait...I am hoping to catch a good one...or go over board trying!! Lol.

And please gentleman and I use that term respectful..that will get you so much farther then being an ass clown who thinks more with the head that is not attached to his shoulders. Because if you come at me the wrong way...its game on.....and trust I have the ability to verbally rip someone to shreds with a smile on my face! Just don't see where coming on sexually strong at the go is going to get you anywhere. Be yourself and that should suffice if you are worth it!

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Get a drink or just take a long walk!!! Something simple just to get to know each other!!

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