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Waterbury, Connecticut
56 year old Weiblich, 160cm, Christlich – Andere
Hellhäutig, Löwe
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September 2018

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Über Suzanne
Without sounding too conceited, I will try to sum up my attributes. I am very smart, funny, outgoing, I have a great personality, I have an awesome sense of humor and like to make people laugh. I am always on the go. There is never a dull moment. I am very affectionate. I love to kiss, hold hands, hug and snuggle. When it comes to love, I am very passionate and devoted.

I like the outdoors and enjoy hiking and camping. I haven’t fished in a while but wouldn't mind trying it again. I do like some sports. I don't watch baseball on TV but take me to a live game and I am all in. I watch football rarely, but am
open to it on occassion. My favorite sport to watch on TV is hockey because its always moving and the announcers get more excited than I do. I prefer NY teams in all sports. Giants, Yankees, Rangers. Not into basketball at all.

I do have two daughters, one graduated college one still in college and both live with me. I love animals, especially dogs

My taste in music is broad. I am not much into classical unless I am looking to relax and fall asleep, or I just want some background noise while I read a book by the fireplace. I like classic rock, alternative rock, country, pop.

As far as my goals, I would like to meet a nice guy around my age bracket between 50 and 57 or 58 years of age. Please guys, be realistic. I honestly dont feel i would have anything in common with someone if there is a large age gap, so please keep it real. I would like a guy that cares about the way he looks. Although, gym rat is not my type, I am looking for someone that is interested in a relationship. I don't want to endlessly date. I am not interested in anyone that carries baggage from their past relationships and would prefer you wait until you are over whatever or whomever before you contact me. I am not interested in a hookup or friend with benefits. I consider umyself successful and have a lot to offer. Please dont contact me if you are intimidated by a strong independent woman. I like a man that has children and is a good father figure, but if the kids run your life that will be a major turnoff for me. Doting fathers are great, obsessive fathers are not. I like a guy with great manners and can feel comfortable dressing up and going out as much as hanging out in sweats in front of the TV. I like a guy that can manage money well, but not be overly conservative on a date. Another words, McDonald's for a date is not okay... I would like to find someone that likes to travel and explore new places. Going to the same vacation spot year after year is not for me. Not into guys that are heavy drinkers, or even have a past that I need to worry about relapsing. I want someone intelligent and can hold a conversation. Someone witty and outgoing, fun to be around, has a tight knit family and great friends. I can really go on and on, but I don't want you guys to think I am too picky.

Gesprächsstarter (z.B. Was möchten Sie beim ersten Date machen...)
I guess my ideal first date is just like the one that I went on (didn't work out unfortunately). We had a nice lunch at a trendy restaurant and then went to Best Buy in the music and movie aisle (totally spontaneous). Got to really know the persons taste in music and movies. It was really different and fun. I think it wasn't where we went, it was the spontaneity of it all and a great way to get to know eachother's tastes.

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