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Über Lori
***I am a Conservative, voted for Trump and would do it again.... So, if bashing our President is what you like to do please move on to the next.
If you are a woman or want to be a woman go to the next...Hoomie don't play that!!

If you are one of those guys that have "send me a message as I'm not on POF Upgrade account"...You are not serious enough to even spend money like the rest of us that truly are on here to find the ONE and get off this site for good...Stop being cheap..

OK, that is out of the way...Hello,
Thanks for reading my profile and stopping by.. I know my profile may be long, but like I hope you do I know what I want in a man for me.
With me, you NEVER have to guess my thoughts since I communicate very well...No head games with me and I would need a man to be the same.. I have a great sense of humor, like joking around and having good conversation.
For those of you into Myers Briggs I am an ENTP.

I'm a girly girl that likes her lotions and potions for the skin, getting my nails done, plus spa time every now and then...BUT, I can kick ass by riding my JD tractor, doing plumbing and electrical, have my own tools, pink tool box, and yes I can use them..Not just another pretty face since I can get dirty just like you guys can..

If you are the kind of guy that is looking for just arm candy or a barbie doll, those shallow days were over in my 40's...Move on down the road to a younger woman that wants to play that unloving game

I do not smoke or drink (just never had the taste for alcohol) ..Don't mind if you drink in moderation...NO SMOKERS or VAPERS.
Sorry, but beards and stashes are really not my thing...

Very much pro-gun and military girl ! Coming from a military family, born at Walter Reed, Army Brat...So, I respect our Soldiers, Marines, Navy, Airmen ,Coast Guard, and Police. With that being said, I can move on a dime and will not let distance keep me away from my man. In other words I am not tied to my town or state...I can move, but west coast or up north is out for me..

Although I am seeking someone to share in a long term future, nor am I in a hurry to just be with anyone. Like you, I could have done that a long time ago.
I seek my best friend that as we walk through life we compliment each other and work together to make or dreams become realities... So I'm not interested in a hook up, a text buddy or wasting either of our time.
I have found there are some men out there that just want their ego stroked by emails and text messages..Move on since I have no time to play games as if we are in our teens again.

Being that I am a PDA woman. (Public Displays of Affection), I enjoy touch from my man, going to yard sales, thrift stores and spa time with the girls..Visiting new towns and shops.. Just driving to a town and exploring, hiking, PX, MCX going on bases to educate myself on the history of our military.. Going to the beach, the mountains or just hanging out at home. I enjoy volunteering such as working with animals and our Veterans.
Have and enjoy animals, so hope you do as well...I do have two cats, so if you are allergic or do not like animals we will not work out.

Not looking for a man that lives with "room mates" or in his mother's basement...
Not into long hair, piercings or arm sleeve tattoos....Please have nice teeth!! If you are a Player, a Cheat, a Liar, druggy or drunk...You know who you are...Move on! If you drink in excess, smoke ( a cigar every once in a while is OK ) , chew or do drugs move on. Just my preference.
NO SMOKERS...If you smoke "after you eat", "at times", "once a year"or " Occasionally"...YOU ARE A SMOKER...There's your sign!

If you have young kids, I will not be interested...I want to travel and not have drama from a baby mama.
Great friends with your ex??.... I'm not interested, again that only causes drama in the long run..
I am the full course meal and not the after dinner mint..

******Be divorced and not separated..I do not want to be your therapist for the divorce you are going through..Take time to heal.!!

Gesprächsstarter (z.B. Was möchten Sie beim ersten Date machen...)
I am very interested in Civil War and Military history, hiking, traveling, museums, comedies, plays, festivals, and have always wanted to zip line!
The beach or the lake is nice, horseback riding, car shows, museums are some things I enjoy. I enjoy traveling..
I do enjoy reading about Military history and remodeling homes. Would love a partner to walk with... I enjoy a variety of music, depending on the setting. I like most sports.Open..

Just thoughts...Showing your dead animals and fishing skills will not bring the ladies in guys...Clean your bathroom mirror off before you take a selfie... Just a big FYI, Yes, we notice toothpaste stuck on your mirror...Yuck.
PLEASE have your profile filled in on what you are looking for in a woman..No preference is not putting much thought into your profile.

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