Age: 24
Age: 30
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Washington, District Of Columbia
27 year old Weiblich, 170cm, Nicht religiös
Gemischt, Jungfrau
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Unkonventioneller Künstler
Freelance Model

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Über Mich
A little about me; I'm a highly productive (when I want to be) person. Who also tends to travel back and forth across the country. I'm a proud nerd girl who doesn't mind letting loose on a dance floor and shaking what I proudly have. However, outside of that environment, I'm a bit more conservative. I'm a twitter junkie, I tweet whatever nonsense comes to my head. (That's what the website was created for, eh?) And video games -- yeah, I'll play them with you. I'd much rather travel around D.C on a date or day trip then sit in one cramped space for too long.

I'm currently pursuing modeling/acting. I first did so when I was 14, and now due to peer pressure I am attempting to do so again. On the side, I dabble in web & graphic design and DJing.

I also work at a independent movie theatre.

If we can have a in-dept conversation about why D.C Comics are better than Marvel but Marvel makes better movies, we will definitely get along.

If you can join me on nerdy adventures, we can definitely get along.

I'd rather not deal with people who just want to see how many people they can hook up with, as well if you use "u" instead of "you" or any text speak in your message, you'll be ignored immediately.

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