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Über Mich
Hi there, Thanks for visiting.
This is me: genuine, honest, intelligent, strong, independent and stubborn woman. Yes I admit I can be stubborn but don’t worry that breaks down. I am a beautiful woman inside and out but I am not perfect and don't expect perfection from anyone. Imperfections are what make us unique.

I like romance but I’m not talking about the flowers and chocolate or materialistic grand gesture type of thing. Romance to me is in the little nuances between 2 people. For example: eyes meeting sharing a moment from opposite sides of a room at a crowded party. The intimate but tender gesture of placing your hand on the small of your partner’s back and finding ways to show someone you truly listen to them. Yes I also recognize that some of those things seem really cheesy but when it is among 2 people who share a connection it provides each party in the relationship with the assurance that it is OK to be vulnerable. And allowing yourself to be show vulnerability to another person is the most intimate thing 2 people can share together.

I am looking for someone who is willing to take some time to allow a relationship to develop. Someone who is willing to break down walls together. Yes, we all put up walls of some sort.

If you are only interested in a casual relationship, please move on to the next profile. Someone who would enjoy going hiking, to museums, or other activities going on in the area. I'd also love to find someone who would enjoy traveling together. In other words I want to “Date” not just “Netflix and chill” all the time.

Health and fitness are important to me but I also know how to indulge.

Gesprächsstarter (z.B. Was möchten Sie beim ersten Date machen...)
Two things I want to leave you with: 1) If I email you, I am genuinely interested in learning more about you and expect anyone responding to my email to be genuinely interested in return or at the very least be honest that you don't feel there could be any connection. 2) I honestly don't feel I can determine from a string of emails or even phone calls if there is a real connection. I'd prefer to just meet in person for coffee or drinks.

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