Age: 47
Age: 49
AllNightActually: "Now I have a machine gun too. Ho Ho Ho"
Nein mit Sportlich statur
Woodbridge, Virginia
42 year old Weiblich, 168cm, Christlich – Andere
Dunkelhäutig, Fisch
AllNightActually würde gerne heiraten.

Ich suche Mann Für Langfristig
Beziehungstest ansehen seine Ergebnisse Persönlichkeitstest ansehen seine Ergebnisse
Konsumieren Sie Alkohol? Gesellschaftlich Möchten Sie Kinder? Möchte Kinder
Familienstand Single Nehmen Sie Drogen? Nein
Haarfarbe Schwarz Augenfarbe Braun
Haben Sie ein Auto? Ja Haben Sie Kinder? Nein
Längste Beziehung Über 4 Jahre Wie ehrgeizig sind Sie? Ehrgeizig
Haustiere Keine Tiere  

Über Mich
I’ve shared Kava at a ceremony in Fiji. I’ve joined a James Bond-themed New Year’s Eve bash. I’ve dressed up with a Santa hat in my pajamas for my family’s blowout annual Christmas, Kill Bill’s Bride at Halloween, and even a ye old lady at a Renaissance Festival. If there’s an opportunity to try something new, I’ll be there. My fitbit says so. Of course, I also know when to slow down, curl up with a good book or veg out to a comedy. In my career, my life is all about making the small moments count. I make sure my patients get to freshen up to start off their day, just to make them feel normal. I go above and beyond for those I love, too. I’d search every toy store to find Leo from TNMNT because, hello, it’s LEO. I’d quote cheesy lines from Blockbusters to cheer you up. I’d bring you my signature fried chicken so you’d have some homecooking at work. We’ll celebrate the sweet, finger-lickin’ good moments together. I look forward to making our own traditions. Maybe next Halloween you’ll be the Kirk to my Spock. Whatever it is. . .let’s go where no man or woman has gone before.

About You:
You want to give chivalry some CPR. You’d offer me the first handful of popcorn. You’d give me your gloves if you saw my hands shivering. You’d stand on the outer sidewalk to shield me from traffic. But you also know when to be silly. You’d play rock/paper/scissors to decide chores. You’d pretend along with me to have a proper English accent. You know that suit and ties are catnip to me, along with a good smelling cologne. You’d create a tradition where we’d put money into a jar if we said the words “ok, but”. You’re up for anything. You think our fitbits would be friends. You’d pick a travel destination just because the name had an ‘r’ you could roll. You’d let me tease you for that. And you’d tease me for knowing way too much about sci-fi. You’re a closet nerd, too. You’d make me a new bookshelf when I’ve bought, yet again, another armful. You’re there for me. You’d cheer me on during one of my 10ks. You’d let me rest my head on your shoulder during a movie. You’d come get me if my car was broke down on the side of the road. You know when to lead, and when to step back. You’re strong when things get tough. You’d find the strength in us.

Gesprächsstarter (z.B. Was möchten Sie beim ersten Date machen...)
I would like to be active but also able to chat, like putt putt or bowling.

*It pains me to have to add this but the sign of the times insists... Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.... If your intent is to find Ms Right now during your visit please pass me by... I am not available for one night stands or weekend flings while you're in town. There are some who are... They advertise on the strip in case you were wondering...

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